I live in a big city, Los Angeles to be exact.  But it wasn't always so.  I was raised in a small town and for some reason, like George Bailey in Its a Wonderful Life, I was always fascinated by big buildings, big cities, good food and diversity of culture.  I have lived here for over 20 years and I still get excited and inspired when I go downtown.  I have also been to the Himalaya in Nepal and of course, Kathmandu, and many cities in Europe and Asia as well. I have been blessed or cursed (!) with being an artist, and perhaps that has stoked my love of travel and exotic cities and landscapes.  Because of that,  many things I see and experience as an art: music, photography, cooking, birds flying, towering skyscrapers fracturing the sunlight and noisy restaurants beaconing. Much of my music is written and inspired for and by The City and its life. So in this site, I have attempted to put together the different aspects of my Urban Life.  Urban Music is a link to my music site where you can listen to and hopefully enjoy and purchase, my original music.  Urban Art contains photographs I have taken with my iphone while wandering the streets of different cities.  Urban Food is where I indulge my love of good food.  I have posted many videos of me preparing some of my favorite dishes as well as recipes of great things to eat! Urban Thought is my blog, observations of my life, philosophy and thoughts, as well as lots of my music videos.  Hopefully it can be a place where you the visitor and I can carry on a conversation about interesting things.  I hope you enjoy my site as much as I'v enjoyed building it!